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All the ways my robot has broken

Anyone who has worked with any RPA technology knows that just when you think that your robot is stable, something strange happens and you spend the whole weekend trying to figure out what went wrong.
I’ll keep this post updated on all the reasons why my robot has decided to call it quits (yes, it is supposed to be more fun than useful):
  • Someone decides to scan hundreds of torn papers for OCR, the robot is very confused
  • After go-live, we realize that the robot should be able to handle multiple languages, not just one
  • Developer (me) thought it was a good idea to use OneDrive
  • Image recognition has stopped working for no reason (x100)
  • Instead of PDF files, someone starts to submit jpg files for processing
  • Automatic updates running on the machine
  • Someone shuts down the server
  • No one remembered to mention to me that the ERP system is being upgraded to a new version and excepted the robot to work fine without any changes
  • Me creating a logic that generated tens of thousands of unnecessary files on the server

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